Salutations Earthling


This site is a series of continued evolution. At some point, I hope it can act as a virtual brain. I don't simply mean that I'll make some system where files or posts will be be accessed easily. I assert that the information presented here will eventually be connected intuitively to my thought steam--digital braining. Wicked science eh?


Over on the projects page you can find what I have been recently working on. You can also find ideas for concept projects I have there, which are sometimes simply fantasies wrapped into some HTML.


Now, the journal page, whoa! I mean this is that next level MiB right there. This is my baby, a tool that I will continually shape in order to make into a virtual brain. A collection of memories and technical knowledge connected in such a way as to help me do what I do best--create. Dig through my brain a bit. See what you find.