Design Notes: E. Park

The Space of Creation

Preferances do not rigidize the world. There are many dynamic meanings. How does my vision make me blind to the world? Optimizing via template and standardizing through usability sound not by the end all goal. How do actions carry emotional weight? What connectedness do the technology and the user consititute?

Ex: infinite scrolling relates to the continuity of art making itself.

###!ALERT! If there are affordances of design that relate to infinity, how will or should they be perceived?

Differentiation and experimentation can free you. It’s not about what can or will be, its about what will never be (or never thought of: Marina and Ulay). Catching the unobtainable, the good’ ol HP hustle for dat snitch. In a way, it’s that surprise HP and the crowd has when the unbelievable happens–unpredicted surprise.

In a space, you can leave enough room for unplanned moments. Are these always simply constructed spaces? Where the laws and regulations loosen their grasp on the wheel? With Marina, the atmosphere was broad, the chaos surging, and with not control something happened–emotion. In this case, a simple control scheme didn’t constrain the possibilities.

Design is much more than a science, it is a craft. The creative process can’t always thrive within global methodologies and formulas. Feel the process and build the tools of the craft.

Written on January 27, 2016