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Welcome to my Nerdom!

I play the digital card game, Hearthstone, and there are all manner of things about it here.

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Hearthstone falls into the genre of a collectible card game (CCG). In games like this, players open packs of random cards and build decks to compete against eachother. The excitement really bursts out when you open a pack a get a legendary card! While the collection treasure hunt is half the fun, the most rewarding moments are testing your skill against other players.Since the game runs on most computers and smartphones, it is quite convenient to take a break from the day and get a match in just about any place and time. Head back to the menu and check out the How To Play section to see a game in action.
A new an expansion (i.e., set of cards) was just released December, 2016. This set introduced 132 new cards to the game. Coming April, 2017, a mini-expansion will release. A mini-expansion is actually a small set of cards that have a specific theme or story. Typically this contain around 20-30 cards. The Hearthstone Global Games is about to begin. This is a tournament with over $300,000 in prizes awarded to the players. First place in this event will go home with $15,000!