playing cards for hearthstone. There are giant crocodiles, fireballs, orcs, giant snap jaw turtles, and a polymorph spell.
two mighty heros, an orc and a mage. Each have a powerful ability to call upon in battle.
a resource used by each player when cards are played. Strong spells cost more mana.
a collection of minions that are in play. On a players turn, these are used to attack and defend.
At the beginning of your turn, you will draw one card from you deck. The drawing mechanic in Heartsthone is one way to win the game—you make sure that your opponent needs to use more than one card in order to counter you. This is called Card Advantage, and as the game continues, you will have more options to make better plays. Once per turn you can use your hero’s special power. Using this ability costs 2 mana. Some powers allow you to deal damage to your opponent or the cards they play. Other powers can heal you or draw cards from your deck. Learning to use your hero power is one of the key strategies in the game. In some cases (for the Warlock class), using your hero power at the wrong time can result in losing the game. In order to play a card from you hand, you need to spend a resource called MANA. Every  turn, your mana pool refreshes and you get one more mana to spend (up to a max of 10). Efficiently spending you mana and planning your card plays can be very complex. Even some of the best players make mistakes in card sequencing or lose count of how much mana they have left. In order to win the game, you will be playing cards and countering cards from you opponent. Minions are cards that stay after they have been played. You can attack your opponent’s minions or you can attack your opponent directly. Spells are the other type of card, and have instant effects (damage, heal, etc.).Once you reduce the opponent’s health to 0, the game is over—VICTORY!.