1.1.28 (October 22, 2015)

1.1.28 (October 22, 2015)

  • FIXED: Fixed typo with iOS enabler that was preventing it from working.

1.1.27 (October 2, 2015)

  • FIXED: Fixed automatic audio unlocking on iOS 9 by switching to touchend from touchstart.

1.1.26 (April 21, 2015)

  • FIXED: Fixed looping in Chrome due to a change in the Web Audio spec implemented in Chrome 42.

1.1.25 (July 29, 2014)

  • ADDED: The AudioContext is now available on the global Howler object (thanks Matt DesLauriers).
  • FIXED: When falling back to HTML5 Audio due to XHR error, delete cache for source file to prevent multi-playback issues.

1.1.24 (July 20, 2014)

  • FIXED: Improved performance of loading files using data URIs (thanks Rob Wu).
  • FIXED: Data URIs now work with Web Audio API (thanks Rob Wu).
  • FIXED: Omitting the second parameter of the off method now correctly clears all events by that name (thanks Gabriel Munteanu).
  • FIXED: Fire end event when unloading playing sounds.
  • FIXED: Small error fix in iOS check.

1.1.23 (July 2, 2014)

  • FIXED: Playing multiple sprites rapdily with HTML5 Audio cause the sprite to break due to a v1.1.22 update.
  • FIXED: Don’t run the iOS test if there is no audio context, which prevents a breaking error.

1.1.22 (June 28, 2014)

  • ADDED: Howler will now automatically attempt to unlock audio on iOS (thanks Federico Brigante).
  • ADDED: New codecs global Howler method to check for codec support in the current browser (thanks Jay Oster).
  • FIXED: End timers are now correctly cleaned up when a sound naturally completes rather than being forced to stop.

1.1.21 (May 28, 2014)

  • ADDED: Support for npm and bower (thanks Morantron).
  • ADDED: Support for audio/aac, audio/m4a and audio/mp4 mime types (thanks Federico Brigante).
  • FIXED: Fixed calculation of duration after pausing a sprite that was sometimes causing unexpected behavior.
  • FIXED: Clear the event listener when creating a new HTML5 Audio node.

1.1.20 (April 18, 2014)

  • ADDED: When using Web Audio API, the panningModel now defaults to ‘equalpower’ to give higher quality sound. It then automatically switches to ‘HRTF’ when using 3D sound. This can also be overridden with the new model property.
  • FIXED: Fixed another bug causing issues in CocoonJS (thanks Olivier Biot).
  • FIXED: Fixed an issue that could have caused invalid state errors and a memory leak when unloading in Internet Explorer.
  • FIXED: The documentation has been updated to include the rate property.

1.1.19 (April 14, 2014)

  • ADDED: Added CocoonJS support (thanks Olivier Biot).
  • FIXED: Fixed several issues with pausing sprite instances by overhauling how end timers are tracked and cleared internally.
  • FIXED: Prevent error when using a server-side require where window is absent (thanks AlexMost).

1.1.18 (March 23, 2014)

  • FIXED: Muting a looping sound now correctly keeps the sound muted when using HTML5 Audio.
  • FIXED: Wrap AudioContext creation in try/catch to gracefully handle browser bugs: Chromium issue (thanks Chris Buckley).
  • FIXED: Listen for HTML5 Audio errors and fire loaderror if any are encountered (thanks digitaltonic).

1.1.17 (February 5, 2014)

  • FIXED: Fix another bug in Chrome that would throw an error when pausing/stopping when a source is already stopped.
  • ADDED: CommonJS support for things like Browserify (thanks Michal Kuklis).
  • ADDED: Support for playback mp4 files.
  • ADDED: Expose the noAudio variable to the global Howler object.
  • FIXED: Fix a rounding error that was causing HTML5 Audio to cut off early on some environments.
  • FIXED: The onend callback now correctly fires when changing the pos of a sound after it has started playing and when it is using HTML5 Audio.

1.1.16 (January 8, 2014)

  • FIXED: Prevent InvalidStateError when unloading a sound that has already been stopped.
  • FIXED: Fix bug in unload method that prevented the first sound from being unloaded.

1.1.15 (December 28, 2013)

  • FIXED: Fix bug that prevented master volume from being set to 0.
  • FIXED: Fix bug that prevented initial volume from being set to 0.
  • FIXED: Update the README to accurately show autoplay as defaulting to false.
  • FIXED: Call loaderror when decodeAudioData fails.
  • FIXED: Fix bug in setting position on an active playing WebAudio node through ‘pos(position, id)’ (thanks Arjun Mehta).
  • FIXED: Fix an issue with looping after resuming playback when in WebAudio playback (thanks anzev).

1.1.14 (October 18, 2013)

  • FIXED: Critical bug fix that was breaking support on some browsers and some codecs.

1.1.13 (October 17, 2013)

  • FIXED: Code cleanup by removing redundant canPlay object (thanks Fabien).
  • FIXED: File extensions are now detected correctly if there is a query string with dots in the filename (thanks theshock).
  • FIXED: Fire onloaderror if a bad filename is passed with the urls property.

1.1.12 (September 12, 2013)

  • UPDATED: Changed AMD definition to anonymous module and define it as global always (thanks Fabien).
  • ADDED: Added the rate property to Howl object creation, allowing you to specify the playback rate. This only works when using Web Audio (thanks Qqwy).
  • FIXED: Prevent some instances of IE9 from throwing “Not Implemented” error (thanks Tero Tilus).

1.1.11 (July 28, 2013)

  • FIXED: Fix bug caused by trying to disconnect audio node when using HTML5 Audio.
  • FIXED: Correctly return the sound’s position when it is paused.
  • FIXED: Fix another bug that caused looping sounds to not always correctly resume after a pause.

1.1.10 (July 26, 2013)

  • ADDED: New unload method to destroy a Howl object. This will stop all associated sounds instantly and remove the sound from the cache.
  • FIXED: When using Web Audio, loop from the correct position after pausing the sound halfway through.
  • FIXED: Always return a number when getting a sound’s position with the pos method, and always return the reference to the sound when setting a sound that hasn’t loaded.

1.1.9 (July 11, 2013)

  • FIXED: Fixed issue where calling the volume method before a sound had loaded prevented the volume from being changed.

1.1.8 (July 10, 2013)

  • FIXED: urls method now works again, and can take a string rather than an array if only one url is being passed.
  • FIXED: Make node.play async when not using webAudio (thanks Alex Dong).

1.1.7 (May 30, 2013)

  • FIXED: Hotfix for a missing parameter that somehow missed the 1.1.6 commit in global muting.

1.1.6 (May 30, 2013)

  • ADDED: A general fade method that allows a playing sound to be faded from one volume to another.
  • DEPRECATED: The fadeIn and fadeOut methods should no longer be used and have been deprecated. These will be removed in a future major release.
  • FIXED: No longer require the sprite parameter to be passed into the play method when just passing a callback function.
  • FIXED: Cleaned up global muting code. (thanks arnorhs).

1.1.5 (May 3, 2013)

  • ADDED: Support for the Ogg Opus codec (thanks Andrew Carpenter).
  • ADDED: Semver tags for easy package management (thanks Martin Reurings).
  • ADDED: Improve style/readability of code that discovers which audio file extension to use (thanks Fabien).
  • ADDED: The onend event now passes the soundId back as the 2nd parameter of the callback (thanks Ross Cairns).
  • FIXED: A few small typos in the comments. (thanks VAS).

1.1.4 (April 28, 2013)

  • FIXED: A few small bugs that broke global mute and unmute when using HTML5 Audio.

1.1.3 (April 27, 2013)

  • FIXED: Bug that prevented global mute from working 100% of the time when using HTML5 Audio.

1.1.2 (April 24, 2013)

  • FIXED: Calling volume before play now works as expected.
  • FIXED: Edge case issue with cache cleaning.
  • FIXED: Load event didn’t fire when new URLs were loaded after the initial load.

1.1.1 (April 17, 2013)

  • ADDED: onloaderror event fired when sound fails to load (thanks Thiago de Barros Laceda).
  • ADDED: format property that overrides the URL extraction of the file format (thanks Kenan Shifflett).
  • FIXED: AMD implementation now only defines one module and removes global scope (thanks Kenan Shifflett).
  • FIXED: Broken chaining with play method.

1.1.0 (April 11, 2013)

  • ADDED: New pos3d method that allows for positional audio (Web Audio API only).
  • ADDED: Multi-playback control system that allows for control of specific play instances when sprites are used. A callback has been added to the play method that returns the soundId for the playback instance. This can then be passed as the optional last parameter to other methods to control that specific playback instead of the whole sound object.
  • ADDED: Pass the Howl object reference as the first parameter in the custom event callbacks.
  • ADDED: New optional parameter in sprite defintions to define a sprite as looping rather than the whole track. In the sprite definition array, set the 3rd value to true for looping (spriteName: [pos, duration, loop]).
  • FIXED: Now all audio acts as a sound sprite internally, which helps to fix several lingering bugs (doesn’t affect the API at all).
  • FIXED: Improved implementation of Web Audio API looping.
  • FIXED: Improved implementation of HTML5 Audio looping.
  • FIXED: Issue that caused the fallback to not work when testing locally.
  • FIXED: Fire onend event at the end of fadeOut.
  • FIXED: Prevent errors from being thrown on browsers that don’t support HTML5 Audio.
  • FIXED: Various code cleanup and optimizations.

1.0.13 (March 20, 2013)

  • ADDED: Support for AMD loading as a module (thanks @mostlygeek).

1.0.12 (March 28, 2013)

  • ADDED: Automatically switch to HTML5 Audio if there is an error due to CORS.
  • FIXED: Check that only numbers get passed into volume methods.

1.0.11 (March 8, 2013)

  • ADDED: Exposed usingWebAudio value through the global Howler object.
  • FIXED: Issue with non-sprite HTML5 Audio clips becoming unplayable (thanks Paul Morris).

1.0.10 (March 1, 2013)

  • FIXED: Issue that caused simultaneous playback of audio sprites to break while using HTML5 Audio.

1.0.9 (March 1, 2013)

  • ADDED: Spec-implementation detection to cover new and deprecated Web Audio API methods (thanks @canuckistani).

1.0.8 (February 25, 2013)

  • ADDED: New onplay event.
  • ADDED: Support for playing audio from base64 encoded strings.
  • FIXED: Issue with soundId not being unique when multiple sounds were played simultaneously.
  • FIXED: Verify that an HTML5 Audio Node is ready to play before playing it.
  • FIXED: Issue with onend timer not getting cleared all the time.

1.0.7 (February 18, 2013)

  • FIXED: Cancel the correct timer when multiple HTML5 Audio sounds are played at the same time.
  • FIXED: Make sure howler.js is future-compatible with UglifyJS 2.
  • FIXED: Duration now gets set correctly when pulled from cache.
  • FIXED: Tiny typo in README.md (thanks @johnfn).

1.0.6 (February 8, 2013)

  • FIXED: Issue with global mute calls happening before an HTML5 Audio element is loaded.

1.0.5 (February 7, 2013)

  • FIXED: Global mute now also mutes all future sounds that are played until unmute is called.

1.0.4 (February 6, 2013)

  • ADDED: Support for WebM audio.
  • FIXED: Issue with volume changes when on HTML5 Audio.
  • FIXED: Round volume values to fix inconsistencies in fade in/out methods.

1.0.3 (February 2, 2013)

  • FIXED: Make sure self is always defined before returning it.

1.0.2 (February 1, 2013)

  • ADDED: New off method that allows for the removal of custom events.
  • FIXED: Issue with chaining the on method.
  • FIXED: Small typo in documentation.

1.0.1 (January 30, 2013)

  • ADDED: New buffer property that allows you to force the use of HTML5 on specific sounds to allow streaming of large audio files.
  • ADDED: Support for multiple events per event type.
  • FIXED: Issue with method chaining before a sound was ready to play.
  • FIXED: Use self everywhere instead of this to maintain consistency.

1.0.0 (January 28, 2013)

  • First commit