UX UI Nick Rosencranz

Notes from my meeting with NR

###Content Strategy A plannful approach to examine what we do online. We’ll look at the words we use, the consistency across content, and generally how people go through the experience.

###Business of Interest Braintraffic

###Enterprise Architecture This is a process of looking at tools that are cool but might be unfeasible in deployment. E.g., using snapchat as a student resource at UMN. The issue is that snapchat wouldn’t be able to handle financial aide. This works examines adoption rates, use across many devices, where a service can be used from, and having power to limit the unreasonable projects.

###Community UX UI Resources

Be mindful to check for Twin Cities groups (e.g., IDGC)

Check out RSS readers. NR was running his own server [fever].

“The shoemaker’s kids do not where shoes.”

Software considerations: How will it act as services degrade? Think about time, battery life, wifi data limitations. Think of the robustness of the product or service.

Written on January 6, 2016